Insen De Backer


Welcome to my little corner of the world.
As you can read here above my name is Insen and i come from Belgium.
I have loved fashion for years but never found people around me who loved it as much as me.
So i decided to start this blog and a youtube channel so i could share my passion with the world! 

50 facts about me

  • My Name is Insen De Backer

  • I Am 23 years old

  • I come from Belgium

  • I live in Brussels

  • My parents are divorced

  • They met in high school and stayed together until i was 11

  • I have a  half brother and sister

  • I have a youtube channel called: Insen De Backer

  • Besides fashion I also love photography

  • I love analoge photography more than digital

  • I took most of my favorite pictures on disposable camera’s

  • I am a great cook

  • I speak 5 languages: Dutch, French, English, German and a little Spanish

  • I have a boyfriend

  • we have been together for 4 years

  • He hates all social media and does not like me having a youtube channel

  • I have a cat named Nacho

  • I am a cat and a dog person

  • I Eat mostly plant based

  • I do it for the animals

  • I am lactose intolerant

  • I study tourism and leisure management

  • I hope to start my own travel company one day

  • I will graduate this year

  • I have attempted 2 other degrees before my current one

  • I have been to 25 countries 

  • I love bullet journaling 

  • I love drawing and painting but i am horrible at it 

  • I am allergic to cilantro 

  • I am an active person 

  • I love running and hiking 

  • I absolutely hate biking 

  • I used to be a swimmer 

  • I love thrifting 

  • I have moved 10 times 

  • I have never been to Disneyland 

  • I am an introvert 

  • But i am really outgoing 

  • I have social anxiety 

  • I am a perfectionist and always want control over situations 

  • I work at a donut shop called coco donuts

  • I wish i grew up before the internet 

  • I am always cold 

  • This is why summer is my favorite season 

  • But i love fall and winter fashion more 

  • I mostly take my own instagram pictures

  • I mesure 165 cm 

  • I have a sweet tooth 

  • I am an aries 

  • I only have a few friends